Adopting from Parrot Hope Rescue

Make a difference in a parrot’s life today... adopt!

Parrot Hope Rescue takes in a number of parrots that can be rehabilitated to be pets. It is our hope that we can find these parrots good forever homes so that they can live a positive, fulfilling life.


We are so excited that you are considering adding a rescued parrot to your family! If you haven’t already, please look through the updated listings of our adoptable birds by clicking the link below:

Our Adoptable Birds

About Adopting from Parrot Hope

If you are thinking about adopting, first and foremost you should ask yourself one vital question: "Am I ready for a bird?" The answer is probably not as easy as you think. Birds require a tremendous investment of time, money and emotion. Our sample adoption contract gives you an idea of our expectations. If you are the slightest bit unsure, please read more in our Education Section about birds before going any further.

About Adopting from Parrot Hope

Adopting through Parrot Hope Rescue is a multi-step process which may require some time to complete. We want to ensure that each bird finds a great home, so we ask your patience during this process.

Step One: Adoption Application.  If you feel you are ready to make a lifetime commitment by welcoming a bird into your home, please fill out our adoption application. Even if we don't currently have a bird that would work for you, we are constantly receiving new birds that need homes.

Please also be aware that processing applications takes time. We receive a high volume of applications every week and must process them in the order that we receive them. Parrot Hope is completely volunteer-based and we are doing our best to process applications in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience.

[Note: Because we conduct a home visit before each adoption, we are currently only accepting applications from households 100 miles or less from Cleveland, Ohio. Use Google Maps to determine your distance if you are unsure.] 

Step Two: Home Visit and Meeting Birds  After your application is processed, a Parrot Hope volunteer will contact you about arranging a home visit and possibly meeting some prospective birds. To ensure that the relationship is ideal for both you and the bird, you may need to meet and interact with the bird many times before we can finalize the adoption.

Step Three: Being a Forever Home  If you are well matched with a bird, we will set up the adoption and have you sign an adoption contract similar to this sample. Even after you have adopted your new pet, we will be in contact to ensure your relationship is progressing well. And if you ever have any questions about your bird, you are welcome to contact us as long as the bird lives.

Thank you for considering a rescued parrot!